Natural language processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and is the processing of natural language to extract insights from human language, combining the power of computational linguistics and AI.

Typical uses of NLP within AI include: 

     1) Text analysis: NLP can be used for analyzing and extracting insights from textual data, including sentiment analyisis, text summarization and topic modelling.

     2) Machine translation: NLP enables automatic translation of text and/or speech from language into another, therefore benefitting communication across cultures and is benefitcial for content localization.

     3) Chatbots and virtual assistants: NLP powers chatbots and virtual assistants as it can engage in natural language conversations. This is especially useful for customer support functions, answering questions and automating manual tasks.

    4) Search engines: NLP techniques improve the accuracy and relevance of search engine results, thus improving user experience.

    5) Speech recognition: NLP has been used in various speech recognition systems, as it enables voice commands and transcription services. It was fundamental in the creation of voice assistants including both Siri and Alexa.

    6) Text generation: NLP models' ability to generate human-like text make them particularly useful for content generation and creative writing tasks,

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