API-based large language models

API-based Generative AI models (including ChatGPT, Bard, Cohere, Claude, LLaMA and PaLM) are hosted in external servers, meaning that every time the model is called, both the data and the responses are sent outside a business' secure environment to the environment where the model is hosted.

Whilst this is an effortless process, it is therefore not the most private and secure form of large language model deployment. Instead, self-hosting is considered the gold standard in terms of private and secure large language model deployments. However, self-hosting is typically considered to be a very complex process. This is why we exist at TitanML: we want enterprises to be able to deploy large language models in the most secure and private environments, effortlessly. The Titan Takeoff Inference Server does just this.

These are the differences typically between API-based large language model deployments and self-hosted deployments. The Titan Takeoff Inference Server, however, makes self-hosting as easy as API-based deployments.

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