Few shot prompting

Few shot prompting is the ability of a model to learn new behaviours having only been shown a "few" examples of the desired behaviour as part of its input prompt. It can help with a variert of tasks without the need for extensive fine-tuning or training on specific examples. It allows you to provide context, guidance, or examples to steer the model's responses in a desired direction.

Use cases include: 

     1) Custom chatbots: For developing custom chatbots and virtual assistants, few shot prompting is helpful when guiding the model's responses in a way that aligns with the specific conversational goals and context.

     2) Question answering: In question answering tasks, you can provide a question as the prompt, along with relevant context, to help the model generate accurate answers, even for questions it has not encountered previously.

     3) Creative writing and storytelling: Few shot prompting is helpful when used to seed creativity, generate stories, or assist with narrative generation, by providing initial prompts of ideas for the model to then build upon.

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