Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in simple terms is the point at which artificial intelligence (AI) can perform all human cognitive skills better than the smartest human, including an ability to self teach.

There are two broad debates within the machine learning field around AGI: 

     1) How to define the point at which AGI has been reached

     2) Whether developing an AGI system is possible

Currently, researchers are using all types of tests (Turing Test, Steve Wozniak's coffee test, bar exam, CFA exams, medical exams) as a way of measuring whether AI is close to reaching AGI, although no strict criteria exists to determine the point at which AGI will have been achieved. The general consensus remains that AGI has not yet been reached.

Whilst researchers have previously claimed AGI would never be reached, or would be 50-100 years away, it is the openly stated goal for companies including OpenAI, Google Deepmind, and Anthropic. Geoffrey Hinton (one of the godfathers of AI) now believes achieving AGI is likely to be much less than 30 years away, whilst CEO of Anthropic, Dario Amodei, believes AGI is only 2-3 years away.

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