The fastest and easiest way to deploy LLMs - Titan Takeoff Inference Stack 🛫

Move fast with confidence: Build mission-critical systems with expert machine learning engineers

Titan Takeoff Inference Server is the only solution of its kind that offers enterprise-level support and SLAs.

Dedicated support
AI expert support at every step of your AI deployment journey

Tap into TitanML’s expert machine learning engineers’ wealth of knowledge. Receive a designated point of contact and your own Slack channel. Gain bespoke advice and guidance tailored to your individual project, whenever you need it. 

TitanML’s team has worked across countless industries and use cases. Access standard support (responses within 1 business day) or enhanced support (responses as quickly as from within 1 hour). 

Benefit from clear, comprehensive SLAs for mission-critical systems. Rest easy knowing TitanML’s team is looking after your inference server and infrastructure. 

Built for the future
Built to help your AI project reach its full potential
  • TitanML’s mission is to help you take the next step of your AI journey, whether you’re just starting out or are optimizing an industry-leading solution. 
  • Move quickly with confidence, thanks to expert-level insights. TitanML’s research team anticipates and builds for future AI developments, whilst providing best-in-class support so customers have everything they need throughout their AI journey.
  • Work hand-in-hand with TitanML’s engineers and directors to tackle your most important, most challenging step: the one right in front of you. 


What kind of support can I expect from TitanML’s expert machine learning engineers?

TitanML engineers offer the following support :
1. TitanML runs a comprehensive training program, to ensure that users of Titan Takeoff are set up for success.
2. Customization: TitanML engineers customise the Titan Takeoff to ensure a successful integration process, ensuring that Takeoff has all of the integrations and building blocks that our clients need to build impactful products.
3. Support: TitanML engineers provide ongoing support with SLAs to ensure clients are never held back by infrastructure. 

What is the TitanML team’s background?

TitanML's team consists of machine learning engineers, researchers and software engineers. TitanML's team are experts in Generative AI and is therefore able to advise on all areas of AI adoption. 

How does TitanML’s support compare to alternatives?

The Titan Takeoff Inference Server is the only solution of its kind to offer enterprise-level support and SLAs. TitanML dedicates multiple points of contact to customers to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.  

What are the service level agreements (SLAs) TitanML offers for mission-critical systems?

TitanML offers SLAs. This mean response times as low as 1 hour for severity-1 issues, ensuring our clients can build mission critical applications with full confidence. 

How does TitanML help integrate the latest AI models and techniques?

New model support is typically added twice a month with every release. TitanML's research team continuously monitors and evaluates the research landscape, anticipating new trends in model architectures. This work ensures that the latest models are supported within Titan Takeoff so businesses are able to move to the next stage of development without delay.