The fastest and easiest way to deploy LLMs - Titan Takeoff Inference Stack ūüõę
cost effective

AI deployments, without unnecessary costs.

Save up to 90% in AI costs (build and compute) by deploying to smaller and cheaper hardware with the Titan Takeoff Inference Server.

Cheaper hardware
Deploy to significantly cheaper hardware

Save up to 90% in compute costs. Deploy LLMs to significantly smaller and cheaper hardware, thanks to the Titan Takeoff Inference Server’s cutting-edge inference optimization and quantization capabilities.

Select the GPU or CPU that is right for your project and budget. The Titan Takeoff Inference Server’s interoperability means it supports a range of accessible GPUs and CPUs, not just high-end NVIDIA A100s and H100s.

Low-cost GPUs
AI accelerators
Hardware utilization
Harness the full power of your hardware investment

Maximize hardware utilization. The Titan Takeoff Inference Server’s LoRA adapters and batching server allow you to run dozens of models on a single GPU.

Make use of legacy hardware. The Titan Takeoff Inference Server supports all hardware types, meaning you can even use older, more easily available hardware for your Generative AI workloads. 

Reduce maintenance costs
Continue to see cost reductions post-deployment
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Titan Takeoff is a robust and battle-tested AI inference server, meaning machine learning teams can continue to focus on building better AI¬†applications, rather than waste time on infrastructural hassles.
  • Move quickly with confidence. TitanML experts stay on top of the latest models and methods so you can be rest-assured your competitive advantage will be maintained or furthered. Building with TitanML¬†also guarantees best-in-class support throughout your AI¬†journey - we become your trusted partner for all AI¬†queries and questions.


How do you optimize model inference?

Titan Takeoff uses the best-in-class model optimization techniques, these include: 

1. Continuous batching
2. Multi-GPU serving
3. Multi-threaded Rust server
For more information, please visit our Technology page.

What is quantization?

Quantization in AI refers to the process of reducing the precision of numerical representations within a neural network. This involves converting high-precision floating-point numbers into lower-precision integers, resulting in a more efficient model that requires less computational resources. In large language models, quantization plays a crucial role in optimizing inference, as it helps achieve a balance between model accuracy and computational efficiency. For a deeper dive on quantization, read here.

How do inference optimization and quantization save on costs?

Inference optimization and quantization are techniques employed to enhance the efficiency of AI models during the inference phase, leading to significant cost savings - Titan Takeoff employs both techniques and customers have reported cost savings in the region of 90%.

Inference Optimization makes model inference faster, meaning less GPU hours are required to complete the same inference.

Quantization reduces the memory requirement of the Generative AI model, allowing for deployment to cheaper and more readily available GPUs.

What are LoRA adapters?

LoRA is an enhanced method for finetuning, where the focus is not on adjusting all weights in the weight matrix of a large pre-trained language model. Instead, it fine-tunes two smaller matrices which collectively serve as an approximation of this larger matrix, forming what is known as the LoRA adapter. Once this adapter is fine-tuned, it can be integrated into the pre-trained model for the purpose of inference. 

In the Titan Takeoff Inference Server customers are able to serve multiple models from a single inference server, by loading one base model and dozens of low resource LoRA adapters. Titan Takeoff manages the routing and batching of these LoRA adapters for seamless integration into applications.

Can I use legacy hardware with Titan Takeoff for AI projects?

Yes, unlike most offerings on the market, Titan Takeoff supports all hardware types, including legacy hardware. 

How does Titan Takeoff reduce customers' AI maintenance costs?

There are three main ways in which Titan Takeoff reduces customers' AI maintenance costs:

1) It is a robust and battle-tested AI inference server. This allows internal developers to focus on building business-specific applications rather than battling with regular infrastructural challenges.

2) TitanML's experts stay on top of the latest models and methods, so customers need not waste time building new model and method integrations.

3) Best-in-class support throughout a customer's entire AI journey. TitanML becomes a trusted partner for you to ask all of your AI queries and questions to.