The fastest and easiest way to deploy LLMs - Titan Takeoff Inference Stack 🛫
Deploy at scale

Deploy to enterprise scale by self-hosting with Titan Takeoff

Titan Takeoff’s self-hosting solution is built for enterprise scaling. It’s 90+% more cost-effective than API-based deployments, and it’s far more robust. Scale affordably with TitanML. 

Built for enterprise-level scaling

Titan Takeoff enables enterprise scalability by providing the trusted battle-tested foundational infrastructure for mission-critical systems. 

Scale without the growing pains, leveraging our multithreaded server architecture, multi-GPU deployments, and batching optimizations.

Deploy dozens of models onto a single GPU with Titan Takeoff’s batched LoRA adapters and optimize your hardware utilization.

Unusually, service-level agreements (SLAs) as standard
Titan Takeoff Inference Server is the only solution of its kind that offers enterprise-level support and SLAs. Scale with confidence.
TitanML ensures consistent performance, timely upgrades, and rapid resolution of technical issues. Keep your AI operations running smoothly and efficiently at all times with battle-tested infrastructure.
No hidden costs
Scale without hidden costs and rate limits
  • Scale without the constraints of API rate limits and unexpected costs. Unlike API-based deployments, Titan Takeoff is a self-hosted solution, which means 90+% cost savings.
  • Deploy on even the smallest and cheapest hardware as TitanML's model optimizations and compressions mean you can d
  • API-based models might seem cheaper in the short term—but once you start to scale, costs quickly spiral out of control. Looking to scale sustainably over the long term? Self-hosting with the Titan Takeoff Inference Server is the answer. 


How many users can I scale to with Titan Takeoff?

Titan Takeoff has been battle-tested in applications that serve millions of end users. 

How do TitanML's cost savings compare to other AI solutions on the market?

API based solutions, although cost effective in the short term, when deployed at scale, these costs spiral. Many enterprises have been surprised by just how costly this method of LLM deployment becomes when they begin to scale. Since Titan Takeoff is a self-hosted solution, customers save 90+%  on enterprise-scale deployments.

What is multi-GPU deployment?

Multi-GPU deployments allow the distributed inference of large language models (LLMs) by distributing those models across multiple GPUs. This allows for the inference of larger models and enables larger batch sizes. It is advantageous for applications which require high throughput, reduced latency, and efficient utilization of computational resources.