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Build, deploy, and run AI your way

Takeoff supports all the models you care about, connects to your vector database of choice, and is containerized. Deploy it anywhere: on any cloud and any hardware

AI Frameworks
Supporting the AI frameworks you care about

Model support: Titan Takeoff supports 10,000+ model types. It’s constantly expanding as new models are released (but legacy models are always maintained). This means you’ll have no new frameworks to learn when a new model is released.

Framework support: Titan Takeoff integrates into all popular application-building frameworks and vector DBs, including Langchain and Weaviate. Let ML engineers focus on what matters most: building better applications. 

Hardware & Environments
Deployed in your secure environment

Titan Takeoff is designed natively for secure deployments, whether on the cloud or on-premise. It performs hardware-specific optimisations, meaning you get the best deployment quality—regardless of which hardware you deploy on.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Public Cloud

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Channel partners

Channel partners work with TitanML to gain expertise in our platform and to market and sell collaboratively.

Technology partners

Technology partners are independent software providers whose technology extends and enhances the TitanML experience.

Solution partners

Solutions and consulting partners provide expertise and create industry-specific offerings, aligning clients with the benefits of TitanML for Generative AI initiatives.