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The best LLM deployments, every time.

Future-proofed LLMOps infrastructure for effortless LLM deployments every time - so ML teams can focus on solving business problems.


For individuals who are exploring self-hosting LLMs.

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  • Inference optimization for single GPU deployment
  • Rapid prompt experimentation with chat and playground UI
  • Generation parameter control
  • Int8 quantization
  • Langchain integration
  • Token streaming


For ML teams looking to deploy LLMs for testing or production.

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  • Everything in the Community
  • Batching support
  • Controlled Regex outputs
  • Logging and monitoring support
  • Multi-GPU deployment
  • Multi-model deployment
  • Accuracy preserving Int 4 quantisation
  • GPU & CPU deployment
  • Optimized multi-threaded Rust server for enhanced throughput
  • Enhanced Integrations
  • Personalised onboarding
  • Dedicated support


Will TitanML work with my current tools and CI/CD?

Yes - TitanML is integrated with many major model hubs including Hugging Face, Langchain, and Determined AI as well as logging and monitoring tools. Please reach out if you would like a full list of integrations!

Which tasks and models does the Takeoff Server support?

The Takeoff Server supports all major language models and continuously updates support as new models are released. It also supports legacy models such as BERTs.

Why is the Takeoff Server better than alternatives?

TitanML is laser-focused on producing the best, future-proofed LLMOps infrastructure for ML teams. Unlike alternatives, TitanML marries the best in technology, with a seamless integrated user experience. In short, Ā ensuring the best deployments, every time.

Where can I deploy my Takeoff Server?

TitanML models can be deployed on your hardware of choice and on your cloud of your choice. The optimizations applied to the models will be optimal for that hardware. This includes Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, AMD and AWS Inferentia chips. Unlike alteratives, TitanML optimizes for all major hardware.

How much is the Takeoff Server?

The community version is free. The pro version of the Takeoff Server is charged per month for use in development and an annual licence while the models are in production - the pricing has been benchmarked so that users experience around 80% cost savings, all thanks to TitanML's compression technology. Please reach out to discuss pricing for your use case.

Do you offer support around the Takeoff Server?

Yes. We understand that the LLM field is still young so we offer support around the Takeoff Server to ensure that our customers are able to make the most of their LLM Investments. This support comes at different levels. As standard, all pro members receive comprehensive training in LLM deployments in addition to constant support from an expert ML Engineer.

For teams that would like more specific support for their particular use cases we are able to offer support to help them navigate their particular projects (this can be helpful to ensure the best approach is taken from the start!).

If you would like to discuss how we can help for your particular use case, please reach out to us at